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Thursday, February 23, 2012

An oasis with tea

I watched an episode of National Geographic's "Preppers," and I was thinking, so many people are full of stress and anxiety right now.  I saw one of the "preppers" had converted their swimming pool into a tilapia pool and survival garden.  For all the money they were spending on preparing for the end of the world, they could spend it on creating a backyard oasis where they could sip iced tea and cool their feet in a nice pool.  A pool stores a lot of water that could be purified and used for drinking water, if something bad happens.  But, more likely than not, all this hysteria over 2012 is just that...hysteria.  If you spend your money on a backyard oasis, instead of a bunker, in 2013 you will still be enjoying iced tea, cooking burgers on your outdoor BBQ, and relaxing in your spa.