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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Infusions of Tea store and website

Infusions of Tea advertises itself as San Diego's Premier Resource for high quality, loose leaf teas from around the world. This specialty tea shop's only problem is not enough people know about it. The shop is located at 8750 Genesee Avenue, across the street from the mall in La Jolla.

Their store's design creates a calming setting for a time out from humanity. When you walk in, the quality of design implies that this must be a franchise, carefully monitored by a corporation that pays attention to detail. In fact, this is their prototype store, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time and smart investing before their model store will multiply and infuse the markets where tea is appreciated.

I found their friendly personnel offered superior knowledge about teas, without being snobby. The shop offers a broad variety of packaged teas, and accessories. Whether you want a simple cup of black tea, a pot of healthful green, or you want to discuss trading high-priced estate teas, Infusions of Tea offers a competent, refreshing alternative to beverage shops staffed by students.

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